Implementing the Recommendations

Now that your plan is ready, it is time to take action and implement its recommendations. At this point, you are entirely free to entrust us or not with the management of your assets and insurance needs.

Making the right choice

We are part of an independent network and we have no constraints on the products we may or may not offer. Moreover, the compensation we receive for the management of your assets is not influenced by a manager’s decision. We can report it to you if you wish.

We have access to the mutual funds of most Canadian suppliers, whether they are banks or other financial institutions. Over the years, we have carefully selected a handful of partners in whom we place our trust and whose products we are very familiar with. We often recommend the mutual funds of Fidelity Investments and CI Investments.

However, these are simply suggestions; not restrictions. No fund provider can claim to have the best funds across the board. Rather, we believe that all of them offer nearly equivalent financial products, which means that we are quite open to working with any suppliers you might have already in mind.