Insurance and Risk Management

In order to properly identify your insurance needs, we regularly carry out an overall analysis of your situation:

  • Identification of risks to your financial health or that of your family;
  • Assessment of the financial consequences of these risks for you and your family;
  • Identification of available resources to address identified risks;
  • Quantification of the differences between the financial consequences and the resources to deal with them;
  • Risk classification in order of priority; and
  • Identification of the most appropriate risk management strategies for each of the priority risks, namely by providing insurance solutions when necessary.

We then evaluate the various products that are offered by the insurance companies and determine which of the potential solutions are best suited to your particular situation and that of your family.

To get answers to the following questions about insurance and risk management, book an appointment with us:

  • Are my family members and I protected in case of disability or death?
  • Do I have too little or too much insurance?
  • Are my insurance products still optimal?
  • When was the last analysis of my insurance needs?