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Business Transition

Hudon & Gauthier is growing and has a qualified succession. If you are preparing for retirement or leaving your practice and you are worried about finding a competent and passionate succession, we are your partner of choice. Feel free to contact us to discuss the objectives related to the transition of your business.

We will make sure to offer you:

  • A smooth transition to you and your clients;
  • A fair and satisfactory value for your business;
  • A tax-efficient transaction.

Business transition in the event of death or disability

Since the value of your client base may be jeopardized due to sudden death or a significant disability, you are advised to sign a purchase/sale agreement in the event of incapacity or death. At Hudon & Gauthier, we have everything we need to enter into an agreement of this nature. Thus, your loved ones will be assured of getting fair value for your business.

Write to us at, or call us at 819-561-5885.