Presentation of the Customized Financial Plan

The plan we present is personalized and generally concise. It is presented to you in writing and usually includes:

  • A summary, our assumptions, and your objectives,
  • Our recommendations and the conclusion,
  • Your statement,
  • Your current standard of living
  • Your desired standard of living at retirement,
  • The summary of your business income(s)
  • The status of your registered pension plan
  • Your retirement evaluation
  • An analysis of your insurance needs.

What is the purpose of this financial plan?

Your plan sets the record straight by identifying the steps you need to take to reach all of your financial goals: retirement, insurance, studies, etc.

Planning your retirement

Most of our clients have as their primary objective being financially ready for retirement so that they do not have to forgo anything and to be able to fully enjoy this new stage of their life. After all, ideally, one retires only once! It is therefore crucial not to be mistaken!

Accordingly, your plan must answer many of the following questions before you can begin planning for your retirement:

  • At what age will I be financially independent?
  • Am I saving enough, too much or too little?
  • What should be my income to maintain my current standard of living?
  • When will I be free to stop working?
  • What will be my sources of income at retirement and what amount can I expect?
  • What social programs will I be entitled to?
  • What will be my total retirement pension year after year?
  • When it comes to taxes, how should I disburse optimally?
  • How should I optimally disburse my various retirement savings year after year?
  • How should I structure my investments so that I do not run out of money?

Any reason is good

In addition to your retirement, your financial plan can be designed around a variety of other goals. We are also regularly called upon to carry out personalized assessments, for example:

  • Analyze the buyback of years of service from your pension fund;
  • Determine whether or not to transfer your pension fund after a change in employment;
  • Assess the profitability of a real estate purchase;
  • Determine whether it is preferable that you earn a wage or a dividend;
  • Calculate the amount of taxes to pay in the event of the sale of a business, a property or death.

For more information, please visit the section on Integrated personal financial planning services.