Social Involvement

Hudon & Gauthier is committed to donating 0.5% of its annual sales to non-profit organizations. Following this commitment, a financing campaign was launched with our partners in 2016. Collectively, we have pledged $60,000 over a five-year period to the Gatineau social pediatric center.

We are very proud of this initiative, in which we participate together with our work colleagues and certain mutual fund managers.

Why this cause?

We sincerely believe that youth from all walks of life have the potential to succeed. We believe that helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds thrive will enable them improve to the society of tomorrow.

The mission of the Gatineau social pediatric center

To welcome vulnerable children, who are suffering, who are sick, victims, excluded or abandoned from the community in order to help them to restore their health and hope, and to develop their full potential, all in according to the Convention on the Rights of the children.

For more information or to support their cause, please visit the Gatineau social pediatric center’s website.

Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Gatineau